install & setup

install Java and jEdit

See the jEdit home page and particularly its quick start guide for direction on obtaining Java and installing jEdit.

You might also visit Sun Microsystems Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition page. You want Sun calls Desktop Java, the J2SE. To run jEdit you do not need the NetBeans download package and, if you are not a Java developer, you do not need the documentation.

install Xilize plugin

Once you have jEdit running, get Xilize2 from the download page on this site. Follow the directions on that page to install it in the proper place.

setup Xilize mode

On first use, the plugin will detect if you do not have an Xilize mode file installed and offer the option of installing one. Having it installed enables highlighting of Xilize markup and other edit mode options.

Note: If you are upgrading from v0.9 use PluginsXilizeoptions to force the update to the new mode file.

configure shortcuts

To configure keyboard shortcuts to run Xilize commands, see the jEdit Tips in the appendix to this guide. It provides an overview for setting up and using jEdit to run Xilize efficiently.

Xilize v0.9

At this time (May 2006), if you use the jEdit Plugin Manager to install Xilize you will get version 0.9 described here. This User Guide is written for Xilize2; go to the download page to obtain the most recent version.