This document set is being updated for Xilize version 3.0. Nearly all of the information here applies to version 3.0 as well.

introduction about this guide
install & setup how to get and install jEdit and Xilize
XAA using XAA, the Xilize Author Assistant, and the jEdit plugin
basic markup phrases and signatures
directives key/value definitions, include files, conditional translation
natural mode creating the most efficient Xilize projects
page assembly using basic markup and directives to create complete web pages efficiently
CSS several ways of using CSS with Xilize markup, describes the default stylesheet XAA can generate
JavaScript how to include JavaScript in Xilize markup
command line how to Xilize from the command line
HTML generation note about the generated HTML


jEdit tips get the most out of jEdit, a must for new users
programmer notes notes about the program design and execution