Xilize 3.0.3_31 release notes

May 5 2007


This package also contains xilize-engine.


minimum requirements


Note: the xilize-jEdit package contains this funtionality as well. This package is provided for non-jEdit users. See command line.


minimum requirements

changelog — this release

Bug fixes:

Feature requests:


changelog — previous releases


New menus: Added a popup menu and a file system browser menu. Added submenus for signatures, modifiers, color picker, relative path generator, and project file creation.

Bug fixes:


Added Quick Start Guide to the website and made many other changes toward the goal of getting the documentation up to v3.0.


Activated the SourceForge project mailing list xilize-users and bug tracker.


Xilize 3.0 contains a major upgrade to the translation engine. XAA is not yet included.

See migiration notes for 2.0 users.

manual install for jEdit plugin

  1. copy xilize-jEdit.jar to your jars directory. (See Utilities —> Settings Directory for location.)
  2. do one of the following:
    • restart jEdit
    • use Plugins —> Plugin Manager to unload the old plugin and reload the new one. (Click the check box next to Xilize in the list of installed plugins, then check the one next to xilize-jEdit.jar. You may have to turn off Hide libraries at the top of the dialog to see the jar file.)
  3. If the new release has mode file changes, use Plugins —> Xilize —> options and press the install Xilize mode button to activate the new mode file.