Xilize 3.0.2_26 release notes

July 16 2006


This package also contains xilize-engine.


minimum requirements


Note: the xilize-jEdit package contains this funtionality as well. This package is provided for non-jEdit users. See command line.


minimum requirements

changelog — this release

New menus: Added a popup menu and a file system browser menu. Added submenus for signatures, modifiers, color picker, relative path generator, and project file creation.

Bug fixes:

Added Quick Start Guide to the website and made many other changes toward the goal of getting the documentation up to v3.0.

Activated the SourceForge project mailing list xilize-users and bug tracker.

changelog — previous releases


Xilize 3.0 contains a major upgrade to the translation engine. XAA is not yet included.

See migiration notes for 2.0 users.