xilize release process

Once the code is frozen follow this process to complete the release.

create a release distribution file set

  1. set build.number in trunk/build.number
  2. run ant -Drelease=true clean dist for final time
  3. copy dist/ contents to new subdirectory under ~/wdev/frs
  4. gzip the jar files with appropriate file names, for example
    • tar -cz xilize-jEdit.jar > xilize-jEdit-JAR-v3.0.3_31.tar.gz
    • tar -cz xilize-engine.jar > xilize-engine-JAR-v3.0.3_31.tar.gz
    • rm *.jar

[Note: add steps 3 and 4 to build.xml]

finalize release notes

The build.number must be frozen to complete this.

  1. create release note page in docs/Releases using file name of the form rn3.0.3_31
    • copy and change the page for the previous release adding to change list section.
    • update the define. id 3.0.3_31 at the top of the page
  2. update docs/Releases/page.xilconfig with the new release page
  3. update master table of releases in trunk/docs/Releases/index.xil
  4. if necessary or useful update
    • trunk/docs/index.xil
    • trunk/docs/WhatsNew/index.xil
    • trunk/docs/ToDo/index.xil

website update

  1. commit changes to svn
  2. build local trunk/doc html
  3. run xilweb to rsync local copy with website

create release tag in svn repository

  1. create branch/tag for release
    • list tags: svn list https://svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/xilize/tags
    • example: svn copy trunk tags/v3.0.3 from ~/wdev/xwd
  2. commit new branch/tag

file release

Ftp the download packages in ~/wdev/frs to ftp://upload.sourceforge.net/incoming (bookmarked in Konqueror).

From SourceForge project page go to Admin —> File Release and click [Add Release] next to xilize project and follow the steps there.

release note of the form:

See release notes at http://xilize.sourceforge.net/Releases/rn3.0.3.html
Note: the only file you need for the jEdit plugin is xilize-jEdit-JAR-v3.0.3_31.tar.gz which will decompress to xilize-jEdit.jar.

change notes of the form:

Bug fixes:

* [ 1651611 ] Modes in jEdit — fixed jEdit mode file syntax error. Use Plugins —> Xilize —> options and press the install Xilize mode button to activate the new mode file.
* [ 1634937 ] wait until buffers saved before translation
* added dl. signature (definition list) — had been left out in error

Feature requests:

* [ 1634943 ] implement waitForRequests() in xilize plugin — for use in jEdit macros


* minor updates/fixes to the website

release to jEdit's Plugin Central

(Ensure SVN tags/vX.x.X/comp/xilize/src contains both xilize and com.centeredwork.xilize packages. Add this to build release process.)

Test jEdit build like the jEdit packagers will do it:

svn co https://svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/xilize/tags/v3.0.3/comp/xilize

See jEdit release process page and Plugin Central Submission Page.

  1. Update description.xil file in tags/v3.0.3/comp/xilize and generate .html.
  2. Load Xilize.props and run Macros —> Properties —> Create Plugin Announcement.
  3. Paste result into submission form at Plugin Central.