What's New

July 2007

July 14 Saturday

Added a new section to the documentation. See How To.

Many updates to the rest of the documentation.

June 2007

June 18 Monday

fixed in SVN:

[ xilize-Bugs-1739362 ] malformed def list does not generate error

June 1 Friday

The Xilize plugin for jEdit (containing the 3.0.3 xilize engine and jEdit interface) is available through jEdit's Plugin Manager.

May 2007

May 11 Friday

Tiago Silveira (a.k.a. dukejeffrie) has joined the project as administrator and developer.

May 6 Sunday

Added link to Xilize logos and buttons.

Submitted jEdit plugin component to jEdit's Plugin Central. See submission tracker.

Added release process doc.

May 5 Saturday

Released Xilize 3.0.3 and updated website.

Looking for people interested in helping with maintaining and/or enhancing the project. If you are interested in being added to the project as a developer or admin please contact me.

July 2006

July 16 Sunday

Released Xilize 3.0.2 with bug fixes and a new menus to stand-in for the delay in getting XAA out. Many updates to the website.

Added new Quick Start Guide guide for v3.0. It covers the new menus.

With the new release and the new guide I don't feel bad about new people stumbling across Xilize and trying it out.

July 13 Thrusday

Released Util v1.2 with a bug fix for Edit-With-jEdit plugin module for NetBeans.

July 12 Wednesday

Last week released Util package with v1.1 of the Edit-With-jEdit plugin module for NetBeans.

Been involved in other work for a while. Trying to make time to get Xilize 3.0 release to jEdit Plugin Central. XAA will have to wait, want to get some more "helper" functions on the menus in lieu of that.

June 2006

June 25 Sunday

Created enhanced the Plugin > Xilize menu for the jEdit plugin and added a context menu, both of which reflect much of the capability of XAA. Will try to release 3.0.2 later this week. Fixed a number of subtle bugs.

June 20 Tuesday

Website and download packages updoaded to SourceForge project. Xilize is now officially version 3.0.1. Need to add XAA capability back into the jEdit plugin.

June 17 Saturday

Established SourceForge project for Xilize. Checkout and build of the code works fine. Subversion is a nice experience. Now updating reference docs and SourceForge project website.

June 13 Tuesday

Released snapshot (build 35) (on centeredwork.com) that is now a propper jEdit plugin. Next up: XAA plugin.

June 9 Friday

Wrote up some notes on plugin development, a how-to for the new build process, and put them here.

Xilize plugin (sans XAA) is now about ready for release.

June 8 Thursday

Working jar file for jEdit — without the XAA dockable. Will ship that as a separate plugin.

Works for these actions:

Yet to come:

June 4 Sunday

New snapshot contains new command line processing (rewrote Main.java) and several minor updates. Table sig now respects header/footer rows and column group and col elements. Able to translate Xilize docs but have not had a chance the translation is exact. Cleaned up class Xilize2. Fixed tree traversal when translating just one branch of the tree.

Added "Upgrading" section to these notes. Turns out it's pretty simple.

June 3 Saturday

Released new snapshot, now nearly complete. Documentation greatly expanded.

May 2006

May 30 2006 Tuesday

Just about wrapped up a first draft of the documentation.