To Do List

The current plan for Xilize v3 development.

for 3.0.3+

high priority

new features already implemented

custom signatures


tables with children, that is, nested tables and cells with with nested block markup

default page ordering. If no page.xilorder (was "page.order") file is present in a directory, one is created by sorting the directories *.xil files alphabetically, thus enabling the setting of "_Prev_" and "_Next_" keys to something reasonable in each *.xil file's environment. This is convenient during document/website development: With the appropriate header and/or footer files, you have automatic ability to walk across all the pages in a directory.

In define. key _value, the value can now include leading and trailing spaces like this:

defadd. _DirExclude_ &{literal:   NegativeTests  }

whichs include the whitespace surrounding "NegativeTests", that is the value is everything between the : and }.

When xilize is run from the Console plugin's system shell, translation errors and warnings go to Error List plugin allowing the user to jump to the related source location by clicking on them.

directory level symbol tables which cannot be changed by subtasks — signatures, defines, and abbreviations are treated as if in a stackframe. Real global values must come from the root directory. (Previously all symbols were global.) Not sure if this will break anything for current users, but it's unlikely.

directory level config files

integration with Console plugin's "commando" feature for creating Xilize command lines and running them from the Console's system shell (or pasting them into an OS's command line/terminal window).

quite a reduced difference in classic and natural modes. Might consider just eliminating that terminology


lists with children

disallow overwrite of directives

warnings for extraneous modifier characters, the code is there, it's just not called

signature subdirectories

clean up handling of prolog and epilog with an eye to really generalizing what Xilize does. Perhaps new signatures for doctype, head, htmlStart, htmlEnd, meta, link as a start.

improved XAA for the jEdit plugin frontend: eliminate need to have the dockable open to run xilize commands (which may not be possible in jEdit 4.2).

have a more in-depth look at jCite integration — seems too easy right now — and at least provide some custom signatures for it (if Patrick doesn't do it first!)

plugins for OpenOffice and NetBeans

publish an article or two about Xilize.