Edit-With-jEdit, a netBeans plugin for jEdit

Edit-With-jEdit is a tiny (only 12KB) netBeans plugin module for people like me who use both netBeans and jEdit. If you are working on a file in netBeans and wish to use jEdit's more powerful features, with the press of a toolbar button that file is loaded into jEdit with the insertion point positioned at the same line number.


Action Location Description
load current file in jEdit toolbar button, Edit menu item opens jEdit on the file current in the netBeans at the same line number as that in the netbeans editing window. Also works for files selected in the Navigator pane. If a jEdit instance is running it will be re-used; if not, jEdit will be launched.
open Edit-With-jEdit option pane Tools menu item allows you to customize the command line used to launch jEdit.


First download com-centeredwork-editwithjedit.nbm from the Util package. Initial release version was 1.1, v1.2 is a bug fix.

Then use netBeans' manual install procedure:

  1. Tools > Module Manger
  2. press the Update... button
  3. choose Install Manually Downloaded Modules (.nbm Files)
  4. click Next
  5. press the Add button and select the com-centeredwork-editwithjedit.nbm file you downloaded.

When this is complete you will see the jEdit button on the netBeans Edit toolbar just before the "cut" icon. It will be enabled whenever the current file in netBeans is any sort of text file. Try it. If it doesn't work, use Tools > Edit with JEdit Options... to set the command line appropriately for your setup.

source code

The source code is in the svn repository here.